This is a good month for locating Dad’s paintings. Here is a lovely fresco called “The Publican.”

The Publican

This was a gift to Leo and Ruth Iodice in the late 1970’s.

I found another painting when going through stuff in the barn.


A girl with unicorns dancing around. I am not sure if it is me or my sister Gretchen. Probably me, as I had a Raggedy Ann doll.

Last week I posted about Korean dramas. I also love Chinese and Japanese dramas. Japanese is by far my best Asian language as I had the opportunity to attend school there and I am currently studying Chinese partly for work and partly for my master’s thesis on computer-aided language instruction. Any Korean I know is either from Kdramas or my son, who studied Korean at University (although I did learn hangul for fun.)

I remember how much I loved the Taiga drama (大河ドラマ) drama Tokugawa Ieyasu (徳川 家康). I left Japan long before the series completed and have long wished to see the end. Japanese television isn’t outside of anime is not as accessible as Korean or even Chinese TV, often only on sketchy streaming sites. There are several Japanese dramas that I particularly enjoyed on some of the mainstream services.

The most charming was Atelier developed by Fuji Television for Netflix. Mirei Kiritani plays Mayuko Tokita a young women just hired to work for an exclusive lingerie shop called Emotion in Ginza owned by Mayumi Nanjo (Mao Daichi). It reminded me of “The Devil Wears Prada.” Highly recommend it.

Mischievous Kiss: Love in Tokyo (イタズラなKiss: Love in Tokyo) is based on the manga “Itazura Na Kiss” written by Tada Kaoru. There are drama versions in Korean, Chinese, and even Thai as well, but the Japanese is by far my favorite. It is extremely charming and Honoka Miki and Yuki Furukawa as the leads are adorable. The Japanese first and second seasons are available on Crunchyroll, Viki, and DramaFever.

Another beautiful and slightly intellectual drama is Antiquarian Bookshop Biblia’s Case Files ( ビブリア古書堂の事件手帖) based on novels “Biblia Koshodo no Jiken Techou” novels written by En Mikami. Beautiful Shioriko Shinokawa (Ayame Gouriki) is the owner of an antiquarian bookshop who solves literary mysteries each episode along with dyslexic Daisuke Goura (Akira). There is  list of the books in the series on DramaWiki. There is a related Japanology episode on used book shops in Japan and another on  宮沢 賢治 (Miyazawa Kenji) that tie in nicely with the series (you can find these on japanologytv.) The series is available on Crunchyroll.

I read a recent “My Top 5 Favorite KDramas” list and yet again, none of my favorites were in the list. In fact, I hadn’t seen any that the author liked. So here is the list of the dramas felt were good enough to have watched through more than once. I don’t think it is all that weird of a list…

The First Shop of Coffee Prince


커피프린스 1

Boys over Flowers



My Girlfriend is a Gumiho


여자친구는 구미

Sungkyunkwan Scandal


성균관 스캔

City Hunter






My Love from Another Star



This doesn’t necessarily mean they are my all-time favorites, but I think if these dramas are good enough to keep me captivated a second time, they are pretty good.

I’ve mentioned “Sungkyunkwan Scandal” before. I still love this one and am casually watching it a third time. Song Joong Ki, super popular after the recent success of “Descendants of the Sun” is adorable in his Joseon era hanbok and signature wink. Park Yoo Chun and Ah Yoo In are pretty hot in their costumes too.

I still think “Boys over Flowers” is a good “starter” Kdrama and catches the manga note just right, although I am not sure that I would watch it through a third time except to admire the F4.

“Coffee Prince” was one of the first dramas I ever saw and I think it is what compelled my long standing interest. I also like the cross-dressing Shakespeare play “Twelfth Night” immensely and this reminded me of that.

“City Hunter” and “Faith” not only feature Lee Min Ho, but they are more action oriented, which I particularly like. “City Hunter” still stands up over time and who doesn’t love someone out for the people.

The two fantasy dramas, “My Girlfriend is a Gumiho” and the phenomenon “My Love from Another Star” are well written and draw you in. Shin Min Ah is too cute as the Gumiho and Lee Seung Gi’s transformation from an immature, selfish young man to someone willing to sacrifice himself for love is sweet.

Vending machines were one of the things I noticed on my first day in Japan more than 30 years ago. These sold not just soda in cans, instant coffee, or candy machines I was familiar with in the US, but alcohol.


I came across a wonderful photo series on Japanese vending machines — Jidouhanbaiki: Photo series that explores Japan’s obsession with vending machines. There is an NHK Japonology episode devoted to this topic too.

I had a lot of fun at the flea market at Tō-ji when I visited there in 1983 (昭和 58). Old kimono and accoutrements abounded and I brought many home.

Toji0116  Toji2

The picture of the temple is from User Fg2 on Wikipedia Commons.

I wish we had digital cameras back then! I was a new photographer and film was so expensive, but at least I have a few to remind me of the experience.

Toji1  Toji3

The poor vendor in the picture on the left wasn’t used to bargaining, cultural learning on both sides!


Pictures from my visit to the Summer Palace (颐和园) on 9 May 2012. It is too bad that everything is so grey — although I was told the pollution was much better than usual.

Tower of Buddhist Incense
(佛香阁; 佛香閣; Fóxiānggé)summerpalace4
Tower of Buddhist Incense
(佛香阁; 佛香閣; Fóxiānggé)summerpalace8
Pavilion of Precious Clouds
(宝云阁; 寶雲閣; Bǎoyúngé)summerpalace9
Hall of Dispelling Clouds
(排云殿; 排雲殿; Páiyúndiàn)
Outside Wenchang Tower
(文昌阁; 文昌閣; Wénchānggé)summerpalace3
Hall of Dispelling Clouds
(排云殿; 排雲殿; Páiyúndiàn)
Stone Boat
(石舫; Shífǎng)
Suzhou Street
(苏州街; 蘇州街; Sūzhōujiē)
Suzhou Street
(苏州街; 蘇州街; Sūzhōujiē)

A very small selection of patterns I photographed in Beijing in May 2012 in the Forbidden City and Summer Palace.




Here is another image of a fresco by my father, Allyn Hogoboom. (See my earlier post.), courtesy of Kaki L.

The Last Supper, Allyn Gwyn Hogoboom

Kaki contacted me via my blog and later sent a copy of the fresco “The Last Supper.” She believes her former husband had purchased it for her from the flea market that used to be in Sausalito or Mill Valley.

Today is the 70th anniversary of the American’s dropping the atomic bomb on Hiroshima.

In 1983, while I was an exchange student in Japan in the early eighties, I hitchhiked around the Kansai with my boyfriend.

hiroshima3 hiroshima1


I spent two days in Hiroshima, visiting the Peace Park and speaking with one of the original Hiroshima Maidens, young women who suffered from terrible complications from the aftermath of the bomb.


I sincerely hope that we learned our lesson and won’t even consider for a moment such a heinous act again. The exhibit of artwork by the survivors of the blast haunt me to this day.