My nephew’s grandmother, Ruth Iodice, was friends with my dad in the seventies and eighties before his death. She still had some of Dad’s business cards.

I had the opportunity to volunteer at the Renaissance Pleasure Faire in 1976 when I was fifteen. I was so entranced with costuming, theatre, and especially Shakespeare. My stepmother’s co-worker also volunteered and she arranged for me to meet her. I made my first costume, not all that historically accurate, especially compared to the sophistication seen nowadays at renfaires, but this was the early days. Even the SCA was still only about 10 years old. Although I was pretty young, it seemed to me there were several factions and what ever one I belong too was not the SCA. I made friends with several Berkeley students who were kind enough to give me rides to and from the site. We also did the faire in southern California in the following Spring. Here are my few and faded pictures of me, my father and sister, and many people who’s names I’ve long forgotten from the Novato Faire in the summer of 1976.

Here are some link about the Faire:

Although I am super busy, I enjoy working with my hands in my garden or arts and crafts projects. I made this mini album feature costumes I made for my son Isaac from preschool through eighth grade. I went through the Apparel Design and Construction program at Seattle Central Community College in the 1980s, interned at The Intiman Theater, and worked in local theaters here and there before sensible taking a job as a software tester. I did not put my skills to waste: Isaac has the best costumes of any child!

Front & back of the mini album.

Isaac as a teddy bear just before his 2nd birthday and as Abu a year later.

A cute Pierrot and his infamous “princess” costume with a tiara and wand. I cleverly designed it to come apart into an elf outfit, but his preschool teacher reassured me at least one other boy was a princess that year.

A Power Ranger followed by a big, bad Beetleborg. Boys.

Then into the save ninja space, followed by a super elaborate Charizard costume. He won many prizes in 1999.

A dragon and then a knight. He was really into Monty Python and the Holy Grail, which is where I learned to spray paint gray knit sweaters with silver paint for armor.

Then another dragon costume, followed by Captain Jack Sparrow. I had a lot of fun with the pirate outfit, although the tricorn was a modified store-bought item.

The last costume in middle school was Aragorn from The Lord of the Rings. Ngila Dickson had been a favorite designer of mine since her Xena, Warrior Princess and Hercules: The Legendary Journeys. A book on the costumes had details on all the layers of the outfit, so I faithfully followed the original design. Isaac even fit my hand-made black leather lace-up boots that year.

This is a good month for locating Dad’s paintings. Here is a lovely fresco called “The Publican.”

The Publican

This was a gift to Leo and Ruth Iodice in the late 1970’s.

I found another painting when going through stuff in the barn.


A girl with unicorns dancing around. I am not sure if it is me or my sister Gretchen. Probably me, as I had a Raggedy Ann doll.

Here is another image of a fresco by my father, Allyn Hogoboom. (See my earlier post.), courtesy of Kaki L.

The Last Supper, Allyn Gwyn Hogoboom

Kaki contacted me via my blog and later sent a copy of the fresco “The Last Supper.” She believes her former husband had purchased it for her from the flea market that used to be in Sausalito or Mill Valley.

My mother, Virginia, painted this lovely water color for my birthday.


She was a very talented woman.

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My father was an artist. He took classes at the California College of Arts and Crafts (Now California College of the Arts) in Oakland in the late fifties, where he met my mother, also an artist and craftsperson. He was very much influenced by Russian Icons and Christian themes, although landscapes featured in his early and late career.

I don’t have many pictures of his work and those I do have aren’t very good, but here they are:



Forest Landscape, Water color, coffee and nicotine



He also has a work in The Albatross (Berkeley’s Oldest Pub) that he created for them in the late 1960’s. They misspelled his name, and I am pretty sure that although they call the image “brownlady.jpg” that this is Christ, not a woman.




Mary and Mary Magdalene

Crucifixion, Fresco Plaster of Paris

The Last Supper, Fresco on Tiles

Mary and Mary Magdalene, Fresco Plaster of Paris



Madonna and Child, Wood

Madonna and Dragons, Fresco



Landscape, Acrylic on Canvas


Landscape, Ink on Paper Landscape, Ink on Paper