I had the opportunity to volunteer at the Renaissance Pleasure Faire in 1976 when I was fifteen. I was so entranced with costuming, theatre, and especially Shakespeare. My stepmother’s co-worker also volunteered and she arranged for me to meet her. I made my first costume, not all that historically accurate, especially compared to the sophistication seen nowadays at renfaires, but this was the early days. Even the SCA was still only about 10 years old. Although I was pretty young, it seemed to me there were several factions and what ever one I belong too was not the SCA. I made friends with several Berkeley students who were kind enough to give me rides to and from the site. We also did the faire in southern California in the following Spring. Here are my few and faded pictures of me, my father and sister, and many people who’s names I’ve long forgotten from the Novato Faire in the summer of 1976.

Here are some link about the Faire: