I read a recent “My Top 5 Favorite KDramas” list and yet again, none of my favorites were in the list. In fact, I hadn’t seen any that the author liked. So here is the list of the dramas felt were good enough to have watched through more than once. I don’t think it is all that weird of a list…

The First Shop of Coffee Prince


커피프린스 1

Boys over Flowers



My Girlfriend is a Gumiho


여자친구는 구미

Sungkyunkwan Scandal


성균관 스캔

City Hunter






My Love from Another Star



This doesn’t necessarily mean they are my all-time favorites, but I think if these dramas are good enough to keep me captivated a second time, they are pretty good.

I’ve mentioned “Sungkyunkwan Scandal” before. I still love this one and am casually watching it a third time. Song Joong Ki, super popular after the recent success of “Descendants of the Sun” is adorable in his Joseon era hanbok and signature wink. Park Yoo Chun and Ah Yoo In are pretty hot in their costumes too.

I still think “Boys over Flowers” is a good “starter” Kdrama and catches the manga note just right, although I am not sure that I would watch it through a third time except to admire the F4.

“Coffee Prince” was one of the first dramas I ever saw and I think it is what compelled my long standing interest. I also like the cross-dressing Shakespeare play “Twelfth Night” immensely and this reminded me of that.

“City Hunter” and “Faith” not only feature Lee Min Ho, but they are more action oriented, which I particularly like. “City Hunter” still stands up over time and who doesn’t love someone out for the people.

The two fantasy dramas, “My Girlfriend is a Gumiho” and the phenomenon “My Love from Another Star” are well written and draw you in. Shin Min Ah is too cute as the Gumiho and Lee Seung Gi’s transformation from an immature, selfish young man to someone willing to sacrifice himself for love is sweet.

Vending machines were one of the things I noticed on my first day in Japan more than 30 years ago. These sold not just soda in cans, instant coffee, or candy machines I was familiar with in the US, but alcohol.


I came across a wonderful photo series on Japanese vending machines — Jidouhanbaiki: Photo series that explores Japan’s obsession with vending machines. There is an NHK Japonology episode devoted to this topic too.